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Old Comments:

2008-07-07 02:10:14
Tooo Good Dude!!! some thinking behind this.. Really appreciated..
2008-05-28 13:39:08
I dont see anything other than her boobs
2008-01-29 19:04:19
nice very creative picture
2008-01-16 05:25:01
Next time try with glue instead of gaffer tape, and without a pipe at the wall (front of picture).
2008-01-16 00:01:49
well, it is a fake
2008-01-16 00:01:26
well, it is fake...
2008-01-15 14:13:01
The gaffer tape doesn't help either
2008-01-15 13:18:05
Scoba, Get a Job!
2008-01-14 06:51:28
she needs to tilt her head, it looks fake