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Posted By:patito

Old Comments:

2009-08-18 07:44:22
Yes, the masonry is impressive, and especially so when one considers it was all done without metal tools and with no formal systems of mathematics or seems to have all been done pretty much by 'eyeball' ....Chaco Canyon is not just an impressive archeological's a mysterious, eerie, haunted can imagine the valley a thousand years ago, a ceremonial center teeming with life and human activity, and now utterly desolate except for a few visitors poking around the ruins wondering what it was all about, why it was built, and why was it abandoned by its builders....
2009-08-18 01:36:00
I cannot but admire the stone masons' skill at making each piece of stone to fit onto the next one... Having witnessed the 'handywork' of modern stone masons and bricklayers, the work of the ancients far surpasses their effort.
2009-08-17 23:46:03
Your daughter is worth her weight in gold.
2009-08-17 10:32:22
Thanks, daughter, in a display of patience worthy of a second grade teacher, taught me how to do it...wasn't know what they say about old dogs and new tricks..
2009-08-17 10:10:43
I can't believe it! You're posting pics? Just wanted you know I gave you your first votes. They may not be there long; but I did vote on all three pics. :)