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Old Comments:

2010-08-03 16:09:28
Three comments in a row (Patito, Exeter and Sistah Barista) that are all the same person. Do you really think that you are fooling anybody, Patito. And no I am not the arbiter of what gets posted here, but I do know when something has been overdone. And, isn't Pixdaus for "Nature Photography"? Of course there is some interpretation as to what can be referred to as "nature", however, your post can in no way be considered as photography.
2010-08-03 11:38:28
Too bad but they stopped production of Postum a few years ago..Get Real will just have to settle for a cup of coffee ! :P
2010-08-03 11:33:21
Looks like GRP hasn't been eating enough cereal lately. He needs to start eating a simple breakfast of Grape-Nuts and cream, soft boiled eggs, crisp toast, and a steaming cup of well-made Postum.
2010-08-03 10:37:51
Who in the hell are you to think you are arbiter of what gets posted here ? Shut up and go post your own damn pictures !
2010-08-03 09:35:13
Common Patito (aka Cereal Poster, Sistah Baristah, Tea Time, Breakfast Time, Etc. Etc. Etc.) Enough is enough. A little bit of this was not too bad and really caused no harm, however, it has been way overdone and IT IS TIME TO QUIT!