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Old Comments:

2010-10-11 09:02:57
16 year olds ? You'd think they'd know better than that. Actually, there are some quite funny answers in that lot... :)
2010-10-10 13:33:15
That's strange Connie that the police didn't know the name of their Vice President. Aren't they supposed to be briefed before they need to do their job on who they are trying to protect ? You'd think that this is the thing to do on an important job like this....
2010-10-10 11:55:24
While walking from my hotel to the downtown mall (I think it was on Thursday), I came upon at least 50 motorcycles and cops, and a few police cruisers. I stopped and asked "Just what are you Americans up to now...picking on some poor defenseless terrorist? They laughed and said the Vice President was in the hotel (pointing across the street at the Westin...a block or so from mine). So, I said "Joe who". None of them caught on to that phrase, yet its a popular phrase in North America. One cop said "huh". I said "you know...the one who puts his foot in his mouth everytime he talks". I got a blank stare, so I said "Joe Biden, your Vice President". I got "Oh yeah, him". I'm sure some of those cops did not even know the name of their Vice President; they are too busy being machos ;-) It was wall to wall with testerones for over a block in front of the Westin.
2010-10-10 11:14:12
Hope you had a nice time there, Connie. Missed you being on here... :(
2010-10-10 10:57:04
Thanks jujuba. Sorry for not responding before, but I was in Seattle for four days.
2010-10-06 14:17:48
Breathtaking Connie, really nice! :-)