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Old Comments:

2010-08-04 23:30:31
It's winter and the ponds and reservoirs are frozen over either entirely or partially, and the light and dark areas you see are ice patterns.
2010-08-04 16:17:56
You're very welcome, FBO... :)
2010-08-04 16:16:23
Thank You PG
2010-08-04 16:08:51
Hi Fuzzy Blue One, I too miss your posts. Hope you are well. Here are a couple of links about the reservoir in Central Park that you might find interesting. Take care... :).
2010-08-04 16:02:57
Never mind - I looked it up on Google Earth - Thats a reservoir - don't know why it appears to have angles in this pic
2010-08-04 15:17:33
having never been to New York, never seen Central Park - Wonder what that tall angular area is? -I there a large hill there/ anyone know what that is?