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Old Comments:

2011-12-05 23:40:10
Hard to believe what you are writing because you exagerate and lie a lot. Here's one of the comments posted under your first posting of Cavaliera d'Italia, Stefano Ronchi: "You’re right Just Me, I’m also thinking Poppy. She’s the only one who posted that type of comment and always ended them with a smiley. I have never seen any such comments by Patito about using correct photographers names, at least I don't remember. I have kept track of the voting on Poppy’s and Connie’s homepage. POPPY: Feb 17, 2011 about two months after she stopped posting, she had a vote count of 43,114, now its 43,188, so she voted 74 times (after Nov 2, she voted 3 times). CONNIE: Sept 29, 2011 when she posted her farewell, she had a vote count of 44,200, now its 44,212, so she voted 12 times (10 of those were before Oct 1). Stick to facts and don't exagerate Just Me. You have enough problems with some without losing your credibility." You had written that Connie was voting thousands of times each month and that Poppy was.....and Patito was..... So maybe you deleted that pic because you did not like being exposed as an exagerater and liar. If not you, then it's Poppy or Patito, not Connie because she's too stupid to know how to delete comments & pics.