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2010-11-27 00:18:06
...said the man with the +20 cheating power! Don't you get it Patito? YOU are the problem here! STOP CHEATING! And you'll see what'll happen then!
2010-11-26 22:14:35
wrong again, grand cheater. you presume a lot but know nothing. i am not patito. and yes: your cheater votes ALWAYS come first, so you get what you deserve. why don't you stop cheating and see what'll happen?
2010-11-26 22:03:28
You forgot to say that you downvote White Eagles pictures with YOUR cheatervotes first, Patito!!!! (-4, -4, -4...) And yes: EVERY negative vote at Pixdaus is ONLY from Logan! No one else is downvoting dumb pics like all your "Grateful" shit! Only one man did it! And I am Lagan AND White Eagle!! And EVERY other user with a dissenting opinion! I am the only one who ever gave a negative vote!! Stop drinking, Patito!
2010-11-26 21:55:28
btw, as whiteeagle/logan/grandjury is upvoting his pics endlessly with cheater votes (especially if it's been pointed out to him that they're duplicates) and equally endlessly downvoting everyone else's pics, perhaps it would be good if pixdaus were to give all of the cheater's pics -60 at the outset and all other pics +60, then there'd be a semblance of a balance in the votes at the end of the day.
2010-11-26 21:38:26
btw: tonight this pic upcheated from 7 to 27 by patito!
2010-11-26 10:26:03
Many thanks, Connie. Hope your niece enjoys the photo... :)
2010-11-26 10:15:58
Copy to my niece..for sure ;-)
2010-11-26 10:01:58