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Old Comments:

2010-08-24 16:51:02
I was teasing you COY. I found it interesting that you and I found those photos, because that cathedral is not well known outside of France or maybe Europe. It's surprising, because it's an awesome piece of architecture. I saw this photo and the one I saved; I liked them both and couldn't decide which one to save ;-)
2010-08-24 10:17:38
Gosh, connie, I wish that I had had known that and I would not have made this posting. I guess this can be for Libellule and you can still post yours. you say that yours is similar,so it would not be the same anyway.
2010-08-24 09:31:52
I have a photo of the St-Etienne Cath├ędrale very similar to yours. I saved it to post for Libellule, who is not far from that area. I won't post it for a while ;-) When I was In France in the 1970s, we took a train from Paris to Bourges to visit my Mom's sister who lived not far from Bourges. We visited the cath├ędrale before driving to their home. It was lovely to see.