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Old Comments:

2010-07-21 04:48:53
A "Tibetan Snow Mouse" doesn't exist! It's a rat! You are always lying, Patito. Each one knows.
2010-07-21 03:34:04
It's understandable that some might think this was a rat instead of a mouse, but it is, in fact, a Tibetan Snow Mouse, which are a good bit larger than common mice and are frequently mistaken for rats..
2010-07-21 03:19:19
Oh my gosh - rat, mouse, that´s such a huge mistake! That´s SO gonna influence the way I see this gif, that changes the whole story, I´m gonna downvote it now cause of that, shame on you Peasant! How could you have done that? :-o ;-)
2010-07-20 19:11:52
It's original name of the post , so I put it in description.. In tags , hmh, that's my mistake, I was in a hurry, I'll try to be careful in future...
2010-07-20 04:17:55
Clearly a rat, not a mouse...