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Old Comments:

2009-09-23 12:53:34
Sorry, that's catch a hummingbird.
2009-09-23 12:52:53
This is why we have feline companions. They can smell palmetto bugs (huge cockroaches) which helps smash the ugly buggers. I saw a cat a hummingbird once, not that I was happy about it, but she did catch it.
2009-07-02 12:40:09
Yuck- I wish I hadn't watched that - I just ate - I don't feel so good now. Why do those people have so many bats in their house anyway?
2009-07-02 07:33:46
Cat eating the "fake" bat
2009-07-02 03:11:54
It was a rubber bat toy not a real bat- They wouldn't let their cat catch a real bat - they could have rabies
2009-07-02 03:03:56
bats are so gothic!
2009-07-02 01:43:41
Impressive cat acroBatics!
2009-07-02 00:40:56
A couple of notes... Bats are nocturnal animals. It seems like this was shot during daylight. Bats are extremely fast flyers. Note how long the cat is focused to the pray. Either the corridor is hundreds of feet long or the cat is waiting for someone to throw something for it to catch. From these observations I am going to label this as "most likely staged".
2009-07-01 16:06:17
Fake, staged. The bat is a toy. It's obvious to me.
2009-07-01 12:47:17
It may be kinda semi-staged; not sure, but never the less it's great leaping catch.
2009-07-01 11:07:56
Looks like one of my lil' predators!
2009-07-01 08:26:26
2009-07-01 07:34:29