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Old Comments:

2010-11-15 18:23:59
This gives entirely new meaning to what we used to refer to as a 'cat house'.
2010-11-15 17:01:54
You are very welcome, Feline Poster. I'm so sorry that your posts have been downvoted. There's no secret. I receive my share of downvotes but I don't know why some of my posts eventually get good votes. Mine have been downvoted today though. In fact, some posts from others today haven't done as well as they usually do. Not too sure what's going on with that...:(
2010-11-15 16:26:18
Thank you PictureGirl, very interesting. I uploaded six photos today, and apparently all have received massive down-votes, however enough up-votes to keep them alive so far. On the average I get about 10 to 15 downvotes per photo and you never seem to receive any. What is your secret?
2010-11-15 12:47:10
Thought I'd look this up, Feline Poster. I found this link from Wikipedia that explains all about these cafes....
2010-11-15 12:30:59
l realize that this is nowhere near to being a great photo, but I thought that many users would find it interesting to see this new type of business in Tokyo.