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Old Comments:

2010-06-17 10:15:09
I agree with Connie, Feline Poster, except I love all cats, domestic and wild...:)
2010-06-17 04:23:25
That's unfortunate Feline Poster because my favourite animals are cats...tamed ones; and, you posted adorable, funny photos of them.
2010-06-16 18:47:52
I have used 'Feline Poster' as a pseudonym to upload photos in fun for about 3-12 weeks. This will be the last one. I did not expect good ratings on the photos and was not even interested in that, however, I was quite surprised when a few uploads received well over 100 votes (much better than any of my serious uploads had ever done). But I am going to end this now and go back to my regular posting hoping for the better and that the new Pixdaus format will eventually be released. 'Feline Poster' was kind of fun while it lasted.