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Old Comments:

2009-02-17 04:23:28
All trees should flower.
2009-02-17 04:22:56
These look like Golden Chain to me, too. Golden Shower blossom bunches are roughly triangular- they taper a lot from top to bottom. Golden Chains are more cylindrical, as these are.
2009-02-17 02:44:30
I forgot to add Golden Shower Trees in bracket. We have trees that have very similar flowers to these, and I don't even know the name. So, I have no idea if they really are Cassia fistulas.
2009-02-16 18:13:09
I know it said Cassia fistula at source, but these look remarkably more like Golden Chains (Laburnum) than Golden Shower Trees (Cassia fistula). The source also said Chuva de Ouro and all those plants have leaves different from these. Any plant experts out there? - Beautiful picture, Connie!