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Old Comments:

2010-11-18 07:18:32
Thank you patito. I am going to give them some more time to fix this BIG, BIG, BIG glitch. At least it is big to me. Not the end of the world big,but a major happening. Ten Months of my work was erased. quite big to me. And now I am mad because I can not sign-up as a premium user on my COY account because they say that the user name COY has already been used and for me to choose another user name. Dog gone it I do not want a premium account on another user name. I want it on my COY user name. I can not believe that pixdaus has this site setup this way. Oh well patito, I'll wait a while and see. Thanks patito...
2010-11-18 07:01:42
Thank you poppy for the wonderful comment. And thank you for writting to pixdaus. Perhaps they will get it sorted out, but I doubt it...
2010-11-18 05:12:18
This is all getting to be a bit much. Someone hacks into Poppy's file and delete photos...Patito can't make a comment without being harassed...anyone that makes a comment, using their username, that is not 'acceptable' to someone get their uploads downvoted...problems with Pixdaus re COY and others etc.....
2010-11-18 03:33:36
Amen ! Coy has been a really classy guy here in every way and I hope this little glitch won't drive him away. Hang in there , Coy, and give the folks at Pixdaus H.Q. a chance to set this straight. Never surrender or retreat ! Stick by your guns ! Don't give up the ship ! Fifty Four Forty or Fight ! Remember the Alamo !
2010-11-18 03:10:11
To COY: I have also written to Pixdaus on the matter and urged them to right the wrong and apologize to you.... You have been nothing but a joy to have here with us, you have always been a gentleman, and we all have greatly enjoyed your pics also. Please do not give up on this site, though. There could be all sorts of things going haywire with tech stuff as they are 'fiddling' with the new platform... I am sure it can be sorted out. Please hang in there...
2010-11-18 01:12:47
Unfair, YES, YES. Really, Really worng, YES, YES, YES. I would caution anyone about becoming a PREMIUM user if this is an indication of how things work on pixdaus. And now I can not signup to be a premium user on this account,because the user name is already used. What a mistake pixdaus has in thier program. Now looking for another picture site. I am so disappointed...
2010-11-17 11:09:16
Paypal? That's unfortunate and unfair to you COY; Pixdaus need to fix this. I sent an e-mail to Chris a few days ago but got no response. They might be very busy trying to get the new platform up and running.
2010-11-17 08:24:31
You will notice connie that I only have a voting power of one at this time.This past friday night I was dropped from being a premium user due to a fluke of paypal, and when I was dropped pixdaus lowered my rating from 27,963 to zero and dropped me from the TOP list. They also lowered the number of times that I had voted to zero. I am attemping to get simone to fix it, but no luck as yet....
2010-11-17 08:12:31
Very pretty connie. I like that blue background.