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Old Comments:

2010-08-27 10:58:08
I never go to my homepage, but I did now. You're right, the first comment covered that information. Another one of Pixdaus' many glitches. By the way COY, I did see the Carson House in Eureka in the early 1970s; it was quite impressive, but we never went in - too bad. Those old houses are so beautiful compared to what is being built now.
2010-08-27 08:17:12
Yes connie, I know that one should be able to ckeck whether a person is a premium user from their home page. However; there are comments that have been made on your homepage and it seems as if whenever comments have been added to a homepage that the first comment will cover that information. I do not know why, but it dose.
2010-08-27 07:44:29
I am a premium user. My comment re how votes can go up quickly was to say if a few premium users like a photo, it gets a lot of votes fast - because we have 3 votes. Not exactly democracy, eh. You can check to see who is a premium user on their homepage.
2010-08-27 06:56:08
Connie, I was under the impression that you were a premium user as well as I. Was I mistaken?
2010-08-27 06:45:10
I would not like to pay for the labor to do all of that ornate work in todays world. A very beautiful place in anyone's world..