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Old Comments:

2008-08-16 09:10:54
That's probably a real kick..but I betcha it's not as much fun as doing those kinds of turns in a big ol' Des Moines class cruiser at flank speed ( a little under 40 knots) with the 5 inch and 3 inch 50's firing ! Now that's a real yeeeehaaaw kinda situation !
2008-08-16 00:05:05
FANTASTIC load of bullshit, spocker! "where the flattop actually touched water." oh my god, you wanted to see just how stupid people are, well you found out, like moron user1399. yeah, OK, a carrier made a hard turn and the flattop touched the water. wait, Santa Claus is coming. i hate bullshit-spreaders like you, fucker. don't you have something else to do?
2008-08-15 14:15:44
kirk was referring to the "hard over" turn. So, like . . . guess who's pwned?
2008-03-23 08:53:52
We forgot the skipper!!
2008-03-21 05:29:30
It's "hard-over turn" lubber. USS Nimitz slamming its 95,000 tons at ~45 knots during 1975, prior to commissioning in May.
2008-03-21 05:27:13
that is amazing, sucks to be the cooks on that ship :)
2008-03-21 03:53:30
Cornelius is making reference to a car powersliding, or drifting
2008-03-21 02:22:20
U.S.S. Nimitz (CVN-68) to be exact. I've been on worse turns, namely on the U.S.S. Midway (CV-41) many moons ago, where the flattop actually touched water.
2008-03-21 00:58:01
isn't that the definition of "drifting"?
2008-03-21 00:57:55
"Overturn" is one word, not two
2008-03-21 00:00:23
It's not "drifting." It's doing a hard over turn at full speed during testing.