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Old Comments:

2011-03-31 06:55:49
Australian natives refer to was created through a dream as the ancestors/Gods walked about. Many natives still 'walkabout' following that line, with some lines too sacred to walk on. I recommend the book The incredible book!
2011-03-30 21:21:11
That should be it's, not it. Sorry about the mistake there....
2011-03-30 21:19:44
The 'yellow things' ARE flowers and are from a wattle tree. Not sure if it the cootamundra wattle though. Cannot make out the leaves here too well I'm afraid....
2011-03-30 18:37:11
This is not a fall picture, the yellow things are flowers. :)
2011-03-30 18:07:38
I think that you are right on both counts, Gabrielle. Two photographers, that I know of, go by the name 'Brian with an eye'. One of them, Brian Turner, lives in Overland Park, Kansas. The other one, who's actual name is unknown, lives in Adelaide, Australia. It is the latter of the two that took this photo and placed it in his album entitled 'walkabout'. Presumably all of the photos in this album were taken while walking a short distance from his home.
2011-03-30 13:25:04
Perhaps it is in the Dandenongs?
2011-02-18 14:33:05
Lovely image, I think the tree is a wattle.