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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2010-07-25 12:21:29
I still have the email where I requested Ingvarr (he was not 'an employee' but the owner) to trace who wrote the "Poppy Patito same person" tag. I also have Ingvarr's reply email where he says you wrote it. - There were oodles of comments about the tag-adding feature from the very start of its existence because people were abusing it, so how come you missed them? You protest too hard, connie. Hmmm... How about checking into the files of some other posters and doing the math re popular pics? Oh, I forget, you never check anything that could prove to you that you're wrong about something.
2010-07-25 11:46:51
WELL WELL WELL...WE HAVE ANOTHER HELMSMAN IN OUR MIST - RE POPPY'S COMMENT TO ME DATED 250-07.10 ( see above) Poppy claims that an employee of Pixdaus, when Russian owned, told her that I am the one that added "Poppy Patito same person" to a tag. It's interesting that Ingvarr would say that Poppy, since I did not even know we could add to the tags until someone made a comment that no one should be allowed to add to a tag. When I go on holidays, I have friends or family looking after my place or staying. They are the only ones who can use my computer. None of them, except one, know about Pixdaus; they just know I use a photo site to observe group interactions on the Net. As for the one that knows, I had commented on Pixdaus that I had a friend who could vote in my absence (we have the same taste in photography), but she could not make comments under the username Connie. She never did, and she most certainly would not have added to tags, as she would not have known about it anymore than I did! I recalled that tag because I thought it was really bizarre for someone to think that you and Patito were the same person. There was absolutely nothing obscure about that tag. It's safe for you to say that because Pixdaus has since been sold.
2010-07-25 10:07:51
Connie, the percentages you have quoted are the ONLY documentation you have EVER provided, everything else has been the product of your overworked mind. Just as an exercise, why don’t you do the math on the percentages of popular pics on some of the other posters whose names are on the top user list? There are several posters whose percentages are GREATER THAN SKIP’S OR MINE, and outside the list I have found posters who have 100% success rates. Have you ever confronted them with claims of cheating? No, of course not, and that’s because you are so obsessed with finding fault with me and my friends that you are deaf and blind to all else. I have backtracked some comment pages accumulated in my absence and found several comments written by you where you have continued with your poppybashing, and I did only a cursory check. You have claimed you have integrity but you behave like a coward and a conniver. Lilly, Skip and Patito never went after Artemis, I did, and so did many others. And they never went after Farhad; in fact, Lilly actually defended Farhad, and I never attacked Farhad, either. As to ‘someone’ adding in the tags ‘Poppy Patito same person’ – it was possible for admin to track the user names (of premium members) responsible for the tags added after the poster’s original tags; I reported masses of improper tag-adding and requested Ingvarr (the previous owner of Pixdaus) to track the culprits and he deleted such tags plus let me know who was behind them and in most cases he then deprived those users of their tag-adding privileges. Ingvarr told me on 4/4/09 that you, connie, were responsible for adding ‘Poppy Patito same person’ in the tags of a pic (the incident took place during the Mandarin Duck Affair). No wonder you can recall such an obscure tag since you were responsible for writing it. So, that’s how bizarre you have become.
2010-06-28 12:56:41
Most of what I wrote was not assumption; I was just repeating what you wrote over a period of two years. As far as being arrogant in making assumptions about people I don't assumed I was suffering from dementia or some form of mental illness. Calling you a reformed drunk is not as bad as you making the assumption that I suffer from dementia.
2010-06-28 11:11:10
The creative power of your imagination is indeed is exceeded only by your arrogance in making assumptions about people you don't know.
2010-06-28 08:32:48
I have never said that there is a plot. Like Skip and your other cronies, you like to misspeak. I'm anything but pure, sweet and innocent; that would be too boring. You're not the villain or anything in my life Patito, no more than I am anything in your life; you're just a cyberspace oddball (at times a colourful and entertaining one), I have come across. I have the feeling that you were a heavy drinker, if not an alcoholic…went through two or three wives (you keep changing your numbers on that one). You did not spend much time with your daughter while she was growing up…now trying to make up time with her but finding that you don’t have much in common to talk about. So, you save all those animals photos to show her (she’s crazy about animals), something to share with her, to talk about. That is good - that is the soft side of you! Your health is not very good – you have trouble walking (booze probably caused diabetes, thus poor circulation in your legs). Now your brain is a bit mushy from all that booze you used to consume; so, you confuse your cyberspace buddies as your true real friends - you take cyberspace comments too seriously and overreact. You were a teacher, for a time in a Catholic school; you’re knowledgeable as you read a lot, especially history…you dwell on things and live with regrets (not productive). You see things pretty much in black and white, and your way or else…so you get very angry and combative with anyone that disagrees with you. When you feel someone has touched a sore point or hit on the truth, all rational thought leaves you…you spew a ton of swear words…you try to demean…that’s the only way you can communicate at that point. Yet, you can be very empathetic towards people. There is a hard side and a soft side. We mostly see the hard side, and that’s ok – it’s cyberspace. On the lighter side - You take great pride in all the names you use; yet, you lack imagination with the names. They have become so predictable...Sistah Barista... Terlingua Tom. There is nothing wrong with that; it’s actually quite entertaining; but, try to be more creative with those names – look beyond Texas and even the US for those names. Pleasssse give me some challenge here. The only thing I dislike on Pixdaus are liars, cheats and bullies (Poppy meets all criteria), and it shows in my comments on Pixdaus. I am sure that some on Pixdaus invented different lives, and that is not lying – not in the sense I refer above; it’s simply ‘cyberstalk’; we can be who we want to be. We can call each other names, but it is meaningless. We don’t know each other as our family, friends and co-workers do. We are all playing a role – the world is a stage – remember that.
2010-06-28 07:25:25
I chose not to call you a liar; I will say that you might not recall. You, Poppy, Patito and Lilly continuously support each other no matter what they say and do, and that makes you the Quads. Lilly has been out of the picture for quite a while now; so, I suppose you should be called the Trio. If you say that you did not take sides then you are lying. Your memory cannot be all that bad!
2010-06-28 06:50:53
You're wasting your time, Skip. Connie's mind is not only made up, it's set like an old concrete slab and there's no use confusing her with facts. In Connie Land people like you, Poppy , Lilly, Peasant and me are all in on some kind of plot to do sneaky, bad and wicked things to nice, pure , sweet and innocent people like her. We're the villains in the little melodrama of her life, and she's the valiant and noble Seeker of Truth and the Defender of Goodness and Decency. I'm sure she has no idea that she comes across in her rants as a total Wackmobile.
2010-06-28 06:26:10
How can you stand by what you said when I never did it? are you saying I'm lying? and don't call me a quad or any other name, I am my own person, and it is rude for you to keep saying what my motives are. I told you the truth, I know my own heart and I wanted to help you and poppy to get along again, I did not take sides I started out by saying I liked you both and that it was not worth it to fight over a repost, you can twist and turn whatever I said, but I'm not going to sit by while you calll me a liar with no proof.
2010-06-28 05:23:27
I stand by what I said about the 'Quads' accusing Artemis, Farhad and others without a shred of evidence. You say that "everyday Artemis' pics were shooting up really fast and always ended up on top". That is exactly what was happening with Poppy's uploads. Why did you not say anything to her? If you had been sincere in wanting Poppy and I to make up, you would never have butted in and taken sides; that's the worse thing to do. You have whined for a long time about the votes your uploads get; and, I really can't figure out why. As for you opening up about yourself - there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, I encourage and hope others do the same (some have). I wrote a lot about who I am - where I Poppy, about a year ago, sarcastically told me off for telling folks about myself. Then again, after I posted photos of myself, she tried to ridicule me. She did not do that to you nor PictureGirl etc. Poppy sets the rules here...or at least she tries. Those rules are not for her and others she deems are worthy of her benevolence.
2010-06-27 22:55:04
That is very sad Skip that you are going to cease posting. I will miss your posts very much. I wouldn't be embarrassed just because you spoke about yourself previously. It was interesting to know a little bit more about you. I felt alot of pain for you then. It must of been hard for you to relate that to us. I like you wonder if and when Pixdaus will ever change for the better. I hope that it will soon. The conflicts here get me down as well, which is why I never want to interfere. It's just not worth it....
2010-06-27 16:54:26
I have never accused Artemis and Farhad and you even say others, of cheating. The only times I talked to Farhad was to compliment his pictures and he complimented mine, I complimented Artemis pics too but he or she never answered, once I did say that maybe the reason that Real and poppy had complained about artemis was that every day artemis pics were shooting up really fast and always ended up on top, but I also said that I had seen no proof that artemis was cheating. You also said I was whinning and manipulating people and that I do it alot? I was not complainning about the votes this pic has, I just wanted to say something to the person who downvoted all my pics soon after I posted them by three points each. as far as manipulating people, I like the people here, and the only thing I want from them is some conversation which I enjoy alot, the other day I opened up alot about myself and I was embarassed after I did it, but at the time I thought I'm one of the few ladies here who has not said much about myself and I thought it might make them feel like they knew me better and maybe get some strengh from the way I had overcome some bad things. This place and the people has been good for me, but I'm going to quit posting, and not because of this but because I'm tired of waiting for pixdaus to change things here and there are always conflicts over something. I know myself and my intentions, and I did want you and poppy to make up, but I know now it was a mistake to say anything.
2010-06-27 13:51:01
I don't provide documentation...I make up facts??? Click on the word 'Top' (top of the page in green), then click on 'Poppy' and/or 'Skip'. Then take the number of uploads and the number of uploads that became a percentage and voila...facts - courtesy of Pixdaus. Even a kid can do that math. You most certainly, along with Lilly and Skip', went along with Poppy in accusing Artemis and Farhad and other of cheating - so much so that it became quite tedious. And, when we could add comments under other people's tags, someone wrote Poppy and Patito same person. That's how bizarre you folks had become.
2010-06-27 11:36:16
Connie make things up as she goes along and calls them facts. If you ask her to provide documentation she says she doesn't have time. Example: I have never, in all the years I've been here, even mentioned Artemis's name or accused her of cheating or anything else nor have I "supported" any attacks on her. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to their own facts, and Connie has ceased to be able to distinguish facts from the fertile products of her over-heated imagination.
2010-06-27 11:24:58
I wondered when one of the 'Quads' would pop up to defend one of theirs. Skip did not make a calm and reasonable statement. First, SHE brought me in on her comments to ru; I should not have been part of this discussion. Secondly, SHE twists the facts to manipulate others on Pixdaus - something she does a lot. Third, I'm sick and tired of her whining about her votes, yet of her 3116 uploads, 3036 became popular. Only 80 got less than 13 votes!! You and the rest of the 'Quads' are very predictable and boring when it comes to defending each've been at it for about two years. You don't use any intelligence, common sense, truth or facts in supporting each other. You blindly follow the Queen of Pixdaus, like the drones you are. You are cyberspace 'friends' and will defend each other not matter how bizarre the whole thing is.
2010-06-27 08:43:16
Skip makes a rather calm and reasonable statement that is an attempt to be conciliatory and Connie flips out and fires both barrels in response. Read both statements and judge for yourself who's the one with the loose screws.
2010-06-27 05:03:31
Dear Skip Please do not compare me with Poppy! I do not cheat, I do not lie, and I do not attack new folks on the site for no reason. She was extremely rude to ru FOR NO REASON; yet, you make it sound like Poppy was polite when she told ru to post photos from different site. You are AGAIN twisting the facts to support your friend Poppy. I feel like I’ve entered George Orwell’s world with all this ‘misspeak’ you do. YOU, PATITO AND LILLY (Lilly is now pretty well in the background) have continuously supported Poppy in her attacks on other posters...accusing them of self-voting (Artemis, etc). The three of you joined her in the accusations. Yet, not one of you ever gave one shred of evidence. The three of you then came after me in support of Poppy. So, four against one - not very fair. You WERE NEVER IN THE MIDDLE; and you DID NOT try to convince Poppy and I to make up since you were 100% in support of her - you put all the blame on me with a lot of your ‘misspeak’. If you do not like my comment, please remember that you chose to include me in your comment to ru. I do not initiate – I respond. I will even go further and say that I do not understand why you are AGAIN complaining about your uploads. You posted 3116 photos with 3036 becoming popular (97.4%). Only 80 photos did not become popular!! Poppy has gone down from 98% popular to 97.3%. I want to point out right now that I have never accused your of cheating – only Poppy. I just quote statistics from Pixdaus. This photo has 62 votes. That’s excellent considering that the background is out of focus. So, I really don’t understand why you are not happy with that. I am in no doubt whatsoever that Poppy is still on the site. Pixdaus is her life and her obsession.
2010-06-26 23:05:19
After reading my answer again Skip, I was trying to say why punish you for that, meaning when you have spoken out before, not for upvoting or downvoting a post. I don't think I clarified that here very well. Sorry for that...
2010-06-26 08:53:05
I hope you can start posting again, without being picked on Ru, I've been posting for a long time and I know that the voting is not fair here, and often not based on the pictures you post. I think a lot of us are really frustrated with Pixdaus management for not taking more of an interest in our complaints or even in our suggestions to make the site better for everyone. I feel like they could have some communication with us from time to time, right here on the site, so people could express their feelings and the answers would be there for everyone to see, it would help because then we would have some direction from them. I know why you felt poppy was against you because soon after you started posting she told you to diversify and post pics from different sites, but that is her personality she says what she thinks, and connie is the same way. Connie is convinced that poppy cheats and lies and I don't agree with that, but I liked both of them, and I went too far and tried to convince them to make up but connie thought that was defending poppy, I felt like I was in the middle, and was uncomfortable with the whole thing. It's my opinion that a few people have the ability to not only downvote, but keep downvoting, they use proxy votes, and I think if Pixdaus cannot stop the outside voting then they should do away with the voting, or atleast make it so you can only upvote, that way if a picture never gets many votes so be it, but it will stop pictures from being downvoted unfairly like what happened to you. It would be great if pixdaus would put up some questions about we want and allow us to vote on them but only by using our names not with the numbers, like the question from pixdaus might be would you like to do away with the voting system? or would you like to have just the downvote button removed? So many of us enjoy this site but we are also what keeps it going, and makes them money, so is it so much to ask that we have a voice in what goes on here?
2010-06-25 19:16:12
I personally quit uploading photos about a month ago in response to all of the downvotes that I was receiving. However, it appeared that my downvotes were coming from a group of persons rather than just a single user. As for you Skip, it doesn't appear that you have been hurt too badly by downvoting as almost all of your photos do quite well and I don't think that any have been voted to the -13 and obscurity. The same goes for PictureGirl. It was the -13 votes that got to me as I had several rather nice (at least to my way of thinking) photos that went this way. One of my photos was voted down to -12 within 2 hours of my posting it and then it started climbing back up with no (or at least very few) negative votes and ultimately ended up at +55. It became very clear to me that the downvotes were because of my name on them and that they had nothing to do with the photos. I always suspected that Poppy, and her friends, were responsible for my downvotes, although I had no way of knowing for sure. Poppy, for some reason, seemed to have it in for me as soon as I started uploading photos. However, downvoting seems to be taking place, albeit on a lessor scale, for the last month with Poppy out of town somewhere. Good luck to you. I may start uploading photos again, when and if, Pixdaus comes out with the new format. I am awaiting to see what they intend to do. Pixdaus has another huge problem with the server that they use. It is incredibly slow in loading pages to the point of being slower than any other I know of. And, sometimes it isn't even available. I get messages like "page cannot be uploaded because the server it resides on is not responding" and/or "502 Error" although I have no idea what this really means.
2010-06-25 12:50:01
Well, in a way, he/she speaks out too when he/she downvotes, but silently, so why punish you for that ? I guess it takes all sorts on a website like this, good, bad, nice, mean....
2010-06-25 12:44:46
Just imagine, though, what a miserable and pathetic little life the downvoter lives. Downvoting the pics here is probably the high point of his entire day, and the only way he can get any sense of power or achievement. We should all pity the poor creature, really.
2010-06-25 12:42:36
I understand Mary, I just wanted to say something to this person because it's been going on for awhile now, I think it's because I have spoken out on here, and it's nothing to do with the pics.
2010-06-25 12:40:13
Also. it's one thing to vote down a few pics if you really don't like them, but to hit every one of my pics each time I post is something different, and I know you do that to some other people too.
2010-06-25 12:38:26
So sorry that is happening to you, Skip. They are doing that to some of mine too... :(
2010-06-25 12:36:23
You keep voting down all my pics whoever you are....I never did anything to you. and I hope it brings you some weird pleasure.