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Description:Goods sold in large quantities are called wholesale goods. Their prices are called wholesale prices. It is very advantageous to purchase items on wholesale because you get to have goods in larger quantities but in a lesser price. This is especially useful on occasions when you need to consume more or give away more. Occasions such as parties involve dozens of guests. Therefore when you need to prepare foods, you need to prepare them by the dozen, by container or by pounds. Buying sweets by wholesale gives better discounts as well. Any goods sold by bulk always have their prices chopped off so this is one great way to save money. Some wholesale sweetshop, aside from selling by bulk on a bargain price, also provides choices for buying half dozen, half a box or any weighing scheme and in a better price range. From ancient times cheesecakes have been a popular dish. It is great in demand then and now also. Quantity of Cheese, fruits, ricotta, fruit syrup and cookie crust are required in bulk to make cheesecakes