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Old Comments:

2010-03-02 22:29:14
What happened in Chile is terrible. But Chile is a modern, industrialized and relatively wealthy country, and certainly so by Latin Amercan standards. In much more desperate need of immediate and sustained help are the Haitians, who had very little before the disaster that struck them, and now have even less. No one would argue that the Chileans do not deserve our heart-felt sympathy, but the need in Haiti is so much more acute that there is really little basis for comparison.
2010-03-02 22:11:41
I'm sure that it will, Peasant. That is very kind and thoughtful of you to do that. They haven't said here where you can send money to help them there. I will look around and see...
2010-03-02 21:35:45
I keep sending SMS ( donation ) for support. I hope that will make some difference.
2010-03-02 21:23:09
Yes, it's awful there, isn't it ? And now in Chile too. They have no freshwater to drink there now. It's very sad what has happened there.. :(
2010-03-02 21:18:16
I become aware when I saw shocking pictures from Africa.
2010-03-02 21:02:29
I couldn't find anything much about the water supply in Croatia either. But I did see one page where it says that Croatia has an abundant supply of water. That's great about your well that never drains. Never take that for granted, Peasant. Water is so precious. This is a link to how much water we have here in Melbourne, Australia....
2010-03-02 20:46:10
I can't find a page on English about water-supply in Croatia. As I found we here are on 3. place in Europe 1. Iceland 2. Norway 3. Croatia. We don't keep here in my hometown water in dams. I have a private well that never drains. Free drinking water, more than I can consume. I'm not quite aware how much I'm really fortunate.
2010-03-02 19:34:08
I guess it all depends on how much water you guys have in storage and if you are on water restrictions or not. We have them here in Melbourne. We only have 35% water in our dams. That isn't very much. We're going to have a new water desalination plant running soon. That will be next year sometime....
2010-03-02 18:12:41
In my hometown we wash street's with drinking water... I know, it's terrible...
2010-03-02 08:03:30
What a waste of water that is !