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Old Comments:

2012-02-08 21:07:26
Hi Connie, I would like to use the photo titled "Capilano Lake and Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver, British Columbia" for my report. Please email me at arthur.mok @ (without the spaces)
2009-06-02 18:51:56
Thank God there's no mosquitoes in Vancouver....lots where I grew up though. Awful beasts!
2009-06-02 17:24:09
Alas, many a place has been 'ruined' by tourists. The reason I adore Lapland is that you can still wonder about the forests and fells without bumping into tourists every few yards. I think the mosquitoes keep them away. - I'd love to visit BC one day...
2009-06-02 10:05:48
I have to agree ;-) Vancouver and its surrounding areas are beautiful. The whole province, British Columbia, including its islands are breathtaking. Unfortunately, too many tourists have discovered us.
2009-06-02 06:10:58
This is really wonderful! You live in a fantastic area, Connie.