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Old Comments:

2010-05-05 08:48:37
I sure as hell don't know how to proofread my typing. I was again doing two things at once. Sorry.
2010-05-05 08:47:31
I remember when comic book guy and you posted that photo because it brought instant memories and nostalgia. Also, because I thought this photo was breathtaking. My grandparents had a small ranch, and my Mom would go get the cattle bare back (she was a bit of a tomboy). Also, we kids used to watch Horse Opera shows on TV. Remember that? I saw the photo get downvoted fairly quickly when it was first posted. Then, it got upvoted quickly by folks who did not recognize it as a repost or didn't care because it's such a classic. It's unfortunate that such classic photos are not as appreciated as they should be. Remember starboardside? He used to post beautiful vintage photos of a bygone era -so full of history, nostalgia. His uploads never did that well. But, a big problem is that some folks and trolls, downvote beautiful photos out of revenge or mischief. That's why the voting doesn't make sense; it's not a true reflection of the quality of the photos. and knew that it was because comic book guy had recently uploaded it. The downvote would have been by the folks who recognized it. Then it was a quickly upvoted.whvoted fairly quickly the first day, but then it was upvoted quickly. I guess the folks who saw it as a repost, downvoted first, the others who didn't raised the votes.
2010-05-05 07:43:47
I won't argue about when it was posted, but I will take exception to your statement that it was downvoted fairly quickly. In fact, I remember being surprised that it was up-voted as quickly as it was, and to the level that it was. Over a period of several months I posted a series of photos by Edward Curtis, most of them portraits. This was the one of the few among that series that did well in terms of votes.
2010-05-05 00:45:01
What has happend to this photo since it was posted almost two years ago is an example of the sustained attack to which my pics have been subjected. Within a week of being posted this photo, a classic western scene by one of America's great photographers, had accumulated over 60 positive votes. But someone has been going into my files and voting it down, over and over again, until at one point it was -9 and about to disappear, as have almost a hundred pages of my photos. I asked Pixdaus to restore the votes, and that was done, but it has been downvoted again to what you see now. I'm not concerend with popularity, nor do I care about my ranking on the Top List, which I feel shouild be abolished. I do care, however, about this photo, and about your right to see it. Now..the troll who is responsible for all this downvoting will follow this comment with a denunciation of me and my pics,which he calls "mediocre." If this photo is mediocre, then as grandpaw used to say "grits ain't groceries."