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Old Comments:

2010-03-09 10:52:32
I went ahead and replace this photo, along with the 2nd photo of the same woman. Please take a look at it. However, I accidentally uploaded the photo twice without the essential information and I am quite sorry about that. Simply look at the third one and vote to delete the other two as I don't know how to delete my own photos. It has really bothered me that people would think that I was insensitive or rude to photograph somebody that didn't want to be photographed. Especially when that person really did want to be photographed and was soliciting for the same. I think you might agree with my opinion in that the first photo is much better than the 2nd.
2010-03-09 07:12:02
It has gotten entirely away from the original gist of these comments. As for the woman not wanting her picture is obvious that she actually did want her picture taken and that she just wanted and expected to be paid for it. If she had not wanted her picture taken, and there might be valid reasons for this, she wouldn't have dressed in colorful and photogenic native garb and would not have placed her wares besides her in such a photogenic manner. If I had of been there, camera in hand, I would have taken the picture.
2010-03-08 17:58:13
You make very valid comments. I agree that it's bizarre to be concerned about points when we (including myself) are not even the photographers. Well, I did post a few of my own...and that went down the tube ;-) We simply move photos from one site to another. When my uploads get voted down, it's not a reflection on my skills with a camera, since I'm not the photographer. It's a reflection of the pettiness an d competitiveness on this site and some simply don't like my taste in photography. I'm not very popular - I'm too outspoken, so I'm targeted. No attempt is really made to critique the photos that get uploaded. If someone says, for example, the photo is not properly focused or whatever, then it's a guarantee that their uploads will be downvoted to oblivion. Many posters on this site would take it personally. This is the only photo site on the Web (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that does not make much of an attempt to critique a photo. And, pressing the button up or down does not count ;-). That and numerical ratings mean very little without a supported narrative. A great part of my enjoyment is finding photos in unusual places (as much as possible), and putting themes together. In my searches, I learn a great deal, and that is very enjoyable for me. I also like the communication and humour with some folks on the site. I think that you should just keep posting your photos - if you want, and just ignore the rest.
2010-03-08 15:21:05
I have been on this site a short time, I am simply an amateur photographer. I could care less about group dynamics or the ranking of any poster, including myself. I am simply interested in how fellow photographers might regard my photos that are mostly travel related. In seems that many posters here do not even own a camera and/or know how to use one. They simply upload photos from professional photographers (often ignoring copyrights) and, if you are correct, depend upon their friends to upvote them in order to get a high poster score. Very often these posters (1) do not even give credit to the photographer, much less get copyright permission, (2) know anything about the image that they are uploading, the "what, where, why, when" of the image. Sometimes even posting a photo upside down or sideways without even realizing it. It is very hard for me to understand why somebody would get satisfaction from receiving a high score on a photo that somebody else had taken and that they had simply found and uploaded.
2010-03-08 14:37:18
I'm sorry quest4tv15a if my comment helped to lower the votes on your photo. I think that it might be more a vote against my comment than a vote against your post. I'm one of the targeted posters...the enemy ;-) I have been on this site for almost two years; I noticed very quickly that votes have very little to do with the quality of a photo. The weakness of this site is that posters get ranked by the amount of votes they get. This creates a very competitive environment to get to and remain on top - making it tempting to cheat. Also, there are some who have become 'cyberspace buddies' and they vote for each other's photos no matter the quality of the photo. Some, however, pretend to but do not vote for their 'cyber friends'. After all, one does not want the 'friend' to climb ahead ;-) Group dynamics, in whatever area (work, school, sports, friends etc) behave pretty well the same way; it's very observable and very predictable. Patterns form, flow and sway. Group dynamics was an important part of my education & training for the various positions I occupied, including the Human Resource field. It's very interesting.
2010-03-08 13:34:40
This is pretty strange! Shouldn't we be voting on the photo and not on the poster? With this photo, I don't believe that anybody has actually been voting on the photo. This photo was first uploaded about 3 days ago and almost immediately went down to -10, and then things turned around after the "Oliver Wendell Holmes" comments above and it climbed back from -10 to +9. Then after the "Connie" comments it started dropping again and dropped from +9 to 0 in just a few hours. If, as you say certain posters are getting targeted and voted down quickly, this is very unfortunate.
2010-03-07 16:08:33
I think that the negative votes have very little to do with whether the voters agree with the photo or not. It's more that they feel empowered when they press the 'down' button. I continuously see great photos getting voted down, some going to minus. Certain posters are targeted, and no matter what they post, it will get voted down. When a new poster comes on the scene, at the beginning those photos get voted down pretty quickly. It's to tell the 'new kid on the block' not to get too big for his/her breeches. There is also a fear of a new person coming on that will post better photos than anyone else. That's Group Dynamics for you - it's the same in whatever situation. You gotta love it ;-)
2010-03-07 06:08:13
In this case the woman simply covered her head when she saw my camera and didn't remove the cover until she was paid for a photograph. After I paid her she removed the cover and smiled very nicely, however, I feel the photo with her head covered is much the better picture. This photo has been getting negative votes, so apparently others disagree.
2010-03-07 05:55:28
I very much agree with OWH. Well said.
2010-03-07 00:24:05
The issue of whether or not a person's desire not to be photographed is sacred and inviolable is perhaps not as simple as some of the comments on this page might lead one to believe. A photographer friend of mine was once physically assaulted for taking pictures of someone's house from the street, something he had a clear legal right to do,but which the property owner felt somehow violated his rights or his privacy. The matter of photographing people against their wishes is not very different. People may feel as if it's an invasion of their privacy to be photographed, and perhaps so if they are in their homes, but once we go out into the public world onto the streets and sidewalks and marketplaces, then we become, in some sense, a part of the scenery, and fair game for anyone's lens.That someone doesn't want his or her picture taken doesn't necessarily mean that to do so is immoral, unethical , rude, selfish or thoughtless.
2010-03-06 22:25:57
So do'nt do it!!!
2010-03-06 16:37:02
Most of the indigenous people that are encountered on the streets in Central America, South America or the Caribbean do not want to be photographed by tourists unless you pay them or buy some goods from them. This lady was very cooperative, and allowed photographs, after she was paid; however, I thought the photograph before was much the better.
2010-03-06 12:01:59
The woman did not wish to be photographed, and still the picture was taken - How unspeakably rude, how selfishly thoughtless.