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2011-07-22 20:57:37
No self-respecting Canadian would eat what's on the photo - certainly does not look like oatmeal. Many Canadians eat oatmeal for breakfast, among other foods, in Winter; we add fruit to it (skim milk and maple syrup are optional). The best oatmeal to have is the large flakes that cook in 12-15 minutes. The instant oatmeals are highly processed, thus turning quickly into sugar once eaten. For warmer weather, a lot of Canadians drink Smooties for breakfast. There are different kinds, but one of the best is with yoghurt, flax seed, oat bran, juice or skim milk, and frozen mixed berries....all blended together. It's great when rushed. Others, eat cold cereal with skim milk and fruit in it. We love our brunches on the weekend. Eggs Benedict is a great favourite. It's poached eggs on an English muffin, topped with a hollandaise sauce. With the eggs you can choose between ham, bacon, crab, smoked salmon etc.