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Old Comments:

2008-03-04 03:12:54
This is in Croatia, National Park Krka. It is a part of the hidro electrical plant, made by Nikola Tesla.
2008-01-11 14:33:30
It is a part from a watermill, and it's in Croatia at the KRK National Park (Similar to the Plitvička jezera, but much smaller).A wonderfull place.
2008-01-10 07:23:33
Either that or it's a dumb bell and that's just a really really small girl...
2008-01-10 05:55:14
Looks like an armature from a very large motor. They probably scrapped out all the copper from the windings.
2008-01-09 20:48:32
Hey, i've seen this place !! Its in Croatia, i dont remember the name of the place (a national Park probably ?), but its where you can swimm near water falls after having a little boat ride. many people are there because its beautifull, nice ... I've also been in Plitvička jezera, its soo nice.