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Old Comments:

2010-08-03 08:48:31
to connie: Then why did you say that I had? You don't recall what you say? ("You purposely and unnecessarily brought jchip8 in this stupid comment of yours, then you added your 'smiley'." Connie at 2010-08-02 07:26:28)
2010-08-03 08:44:41
My comment "You spend far more time on Pixdaus than I do, so why don't you get a life?" is meant for connie. - The comments don't land where they are supposed to...
2010-08-03 08:42:48
You spend far more time on Pixdaus than I do, so why don't you get a life?
2010-08-03 08:41:09
When and how have I tried to steal your user name? I NEVER have. I don't have alias names. How can you come up with statements like that without offering any proof? You said: "I am very seldom on Pixdaus and haven't been for two or three months." Then who wrote the poppybashing comments by Ru under on 23 July when I was not here? (I saw them on the 25th.) That's less than 2 weeks ago! You're a big fraud, Ru with the capital R.
2010-08-03 07:41:39
To poppy, I am very seldom on Pixdaus and haven't been for two or three months. The only reason I was yesterday was because I was checking, on the first of the month, to see if EG has released the long ago promised new format. As for any disagreement between you and me, just remember you started it back when you tried to steal my user name months ago. As for a "not nice person", you seem to be the queen of that. As for Connie, I have no personal connection with her other than the fact that she was friendly to me when I first started posting on Pixdaus and I appreciated that. Especially when others (you and your alias names) were so totally hostile.
2010-08-03 06:45:13
Not on this page.
2010-08-03 04:08:23
Poppy - get a life beyond Pixdaus
2010-08-02 22:00:32
To connie: What smiley are you talking about? Where? You and ru seem to be joined at the hip, you choose exactly the same things to pick at. Weird. Hmmmm…. I like your smiley just fine, it’s the one I use when I use one, but I have not done so on this page.
2010-08-02 21:56:43
To ru: “Snarky comments to you and connie”, you say. Whatever comments I have ever made to you and connie I have always directed at you personally. You and connie, on the other hand, go around poppybashing all over the place on pages where I am not even present; how underhanded and 'snarky' is that? During my absence you were very busy going around and telling everyone how terrible I am. What kind or people would do that? Not nice ones, to be sure. Just find me a few of the comments I have made about spelling errors! I don’t ‘go around’ doing it; you make it deliberately sound like I do it all the time. We all make spelling errors, but when a photographer’s name, for example, is misspelled, I do tend to correct it and the motive behind that is different from the one you’re implying. The reason why I have brought up the matter of English being my second language is because connie keeps saying I am lying about that. – And where do you see my ‘sarcastic smiley faces’ on this page?
2010-08-02 21:53:12
To connie: Yes, you have repeatedly said that some folks used to say I am jchip8, but you have failed to show me one single comment as proof and you will not be able to since you’re the only one who has ever accused me of being jchip8 (who was already posting pics here long before I had even heard of Pixdaus!). On 10 December 2009, you said: “I have known for almost two years, that you (jchip8, Tone....) have a connection with Pixdaus.” When I asked you “what have jchip8 and Tone to do with this matter or me?” you answered: “You, jchip8 and Tone = same person.” I have shown you this link several times already, yet you still insist with your lies. As for the tags, nothing has ever changed about how they should be written. Every time you go to post a pic, you can see “Tags for this picture, eg: cats, funny” above where you enter the tags. Which means that you should write the tag word, follow it by a comma, then a space, another tag word followed by a comma and a space, etc etc etc.
2010-08-02 16:18:39
The lightbulb just went on!! You purposely mentioned that jchip8 tags wrongly. That was to send a message to your audience that you cannot possibly be jchip8 since you tag the perfectly correct way. I still think it's possible that you are ;-) I hope you like my smiley.
2010-08-02 15:48:12
You are up to your old tricks, Poppy, you make these snarky comments to various people like myself and Connie, for what you perceive to be violations of Pixdaus rules, but then completely ignore the same matters if the offenders are one of your cultivated friends. The same goes with English spelling errors. You quickly point out very minor errors at your whim to persons making typographical errors and ignore very serious spelling errors made very often by others. It is as if you think you are Merriam Webster but are quick to tell everybody that English is not even your first language. Poppy, you are a total fraud, and I am very much aware of it. And enough with your sarcastic smiley faces.
2010-08-02 15:10:17
The tent looks like it has been pitched by a watery road.!
2010-08-02 14:26:28
You purposely and unnecessarily brought jchip8 in this stupid comment of yours, then you added your 'smiley'...this time as a 'compliment'. Don't you ever get bored with your underhanded sneaky games?
2010-08-02 14:24:13
AGAIN you are trying to mislead your audience. I have REPEATLY said that some folks used to say you were jchip8. I added that I would not be surprised if you were, and I gave my reasons. As for the tags, someone about a year ago commented that we no longer had to add commas, so I stopped.
2010-08-02 13:18:28
Hope you'll be able to do that Connie, and that you have a wonderful time there too... :)
2010-08-02 11:51:03
BTW Connie, this is a lovely pic.
2010-08-02 11:50:25
Connie, please see my comment to purerustic @ about writing the tags the correct way. They have to be written thus: tag (and a tag can be more than one word), comma, space, tag, comma, space, tag, comma, space... In this case, you should have entered: "water, tent, bike, bicycle". Recently, your tags have been written without the commas, therefore they read as one long tag, in this case 'watertentbikebicycle'. You have accused me of being jchip8, but just look at his tags - he does not know how to write them... and I have explained it to him several times, as I have done to countless others, usually newcomers... The correct way of entering the tags serves us all, so I am not getting on your case about this - you used to enter them correctly so perhaps you just had a temporary lapse in attention.
2010-08-02 11:46:05
So green and cool looking. So green that the water appears green as well.
2010-08-02 11:37:36
I plan on finding out if one can legally pitch a tent along the canal. I'd rather do that than stay at a hotel or hostel...if and when I do that boating trip along the canal.
2010-08-02 10:59:33
No wonder this person pitched tent there. What a beautiful place... :)