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Old Comments:

2009-05-17 12:21:22
She posted her photo on skateboards not too long ago...definitely female ;-)
2009-05-17 12:20:12
Sorry, but I have to disagree with you LeoBCCan. I think that the Redwood State Park in California is more amazing. McMillan Blodel did a good job preserving the Cathedral Grove, and it is lovely to walk around, but seeing these Redwoods is quite incredible.
2009-05-17 11:51:40
jchip8 is not a very chatty guy is he?
2009-05-17 11:20:42
Cathedral Grove near Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada is just like this...Truley Amazing!
2008-12-06 02:10:27
jchip8, I'm still curious and still wondering.
2008-12-05 04:51:23
jchip8 - After I posted this picture, I stayed on the pixdaus site. A while later, I saw yours came up, minus the writing on it. Did you remove the writing on mine or did you find another one without the writing? Just curious. Also, you got 87 votes soon after, to my 17. Yet, you posted yours AFTER me. Just wondering.