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Old Comments:

2008-09-11 09:20:25
oh my but the pretties in Lafayette had some attention that night. next day, Boudreaux and Thibodeaux got back to the back waters and Boudreaux say, "Man, I ain't seen that comin'..." and Ol Thib, he say, "Va dormir old pal, nex weekend gonna be the same!"
2008-09-11 05:22:18
Boudreaux was sittin' out on de dock when Thibodeaux come polin' by in his pirough, and he got a bunch of cattails in de boat."Where you goin' wit dem cattails?" Boudreaux say. "Goin to get me some catfish," say Thibodeaux. Boudreaux think "Hell, he cain't get no catfish wit dem cattails." But long about evenin' here come Thibodeaux wit a whole buncha catfish in de boat. Next day Boudreaux sittin' out on de dock, and long come Thibodeaux and he got a whole buncha bags of Nutra-sweet in de boat."Where you going wit dat stuff?" ask Boudreaux. "Gonna git me some nutria," say Thibodeaux."Hell,he cain't git no nutria with no Nutra-sweet," think Boudreaux, but sure enough, long about evein' here come Thibodeux wit a whole bunch of nutria. Next morning Boudreaux sittin on de dock and here come Thibodeaux wit some kinda bushes all piled up in de boat."What kinda bushes is dat? " Boudreax ask. "Dat's pussy willow," say Thibodeaux. Boudreaux think for a minute, then he holler "hold on dere, Thibodeaux! I'm comin' wid ya !"
2008-09-11 02:51:08
And Maurice would be there with his zydeco band, playing "La Valse du Grand Chemin"
2008-09-11 01:10:23
Ol Boudreaux was always excited Saturday morning knowing Marlice was coming out and making her famous Boudin Balls.