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Old Comments:

2010-07-21 18:32:27
Are you sure? If I stop drinking I won't make you smile... Beside, who are you to deny my right to make fool of myself?
2010-07-21 05:01:45
stop drinking and you will stop talking to yourself... :-P
2010-07-21 01:56:20
That's the spirit ! Poke them as much you can! CU, there's one "coldbeer" with my name waiting 4 me, so it would be rude to keep them waiting.. BDW: @ pial :*
2010-07-21 01:51:35
...Good advice..but these troll comments don't upset me much, and certainly not nearly as much as those posting them wish they fact, I sometimes enjoy being given the opportunity to poke at 'em a little bit....
2010-07-21 01:50:17
And of course he have a right in some wired sense. I am a patito. My grandmother used to call me in Croatian: Pače moje malo.. Translated in English: My little duckling. And as we know word for duckling in Spanish is patito therefor I'm also patito. :)
2010-07-21 01:40:26
Sure thing Patito, sure thing. I'm always feeling good when I manage to smile someone... And you know my underwater/underwear post. I spent a 2 hours searching for similar photos but I couldn't find nothing. Like universe make fool of my word. BDW: Try not to write or post when you are upset. Take a walk , drink a cup of coffee and then write a comment or make a post.
2010-07-21 01:28:27
...that's the right attitude, El Peon...we should be pleased that we are able to bring laughter into a life that is probably otherwise fairly dark, grim and unhappy.... kind of like visiting someone in the hospital or the nursing home or, in this case, a mental institution, to cheer them up.......good deeds like that put stars in our crowns, as my grandmaw used to say.. : )
2010-07-21 01:03:46
I'm glad I make you smile. :)
2010-07-21 00:26:09
LOL! as I told before! a one-comment-freak, peasant, or an alias, etc.!! you are really a stupid schizo-freak, putato! beside me, only you talking here in the comment section: "patito isa liar" = you (no one noticed it, because it is such a great camo!) "peasant" = you (24 h a day at Pixdaus) even the pic was uploaded by you! comments downvoted with 4 votes, pic upvoted with 20 votes, putato need to create other comment writers... LOL! you are a sissy, putato! a sissy, a troll and a liar who is destroying Pixdaus! I laugh at you, little schizo, cause you are a pitiable joke! :-P
2010-07-20 23:14:25
Sure..don't worry, Little Buddy. I understand that a mental illness like yours can be tough. And I hope you've followed the doctor's advice..didn't he tell you that masturbating 12 or 15 times a day was going to take its toll on your psyche? And especially since you aren't wrapped real tight anyway ? Do yourself a favor and get out and meet some girls. Oh, I know..most presentable girls wouldn't be caught dead with someone who looks like you...but they say there's someone for everyone. Just keep searching...let me suggest maybe your local zoo !
2010-07-20 23:10:04
Hy pial, So what did you decided , who am I? Patito or his fan? :I
2010-07-20 22:43:33
Oh happened again..Oh dear..I keep flipping back and forth between the sane, rational me and the bat-shit crazy, barking mad me. It's always like this when I stop taking my meds.Let me tell you..being a schizo-loony is no picnic. But I know you're a big hearted guy, patito, and that you'll forgive me.
2010-07-20 21:59:10
muahahaha! another patito troll version! you are so easy to figure out, putato! LOL!
2010-07-20 21:52:23
Oh, I'm so sorry, patito.I didn't mean all those nasty things I said, but I'm off my meds again as you can probably tell. Plus, my neighbor sold his little nanny goat of whom I was particularly fond so now in addition to being a schizo-loony I'm broken hearted as well. My life is so pitiful..( sob ) ..I just hope you andthe other nice people at Pixdaus can find it in your hearts to forgive me.
2010-07-20 21:28:52
p.s.: next comment will be a one-comment-patito-fan, peasant, or one of putatos aliases! :-P sit and watch!
2010-07-20 21:26:40
LOL! hey, putato, old schizo-freak! thank god, you are the most honest person at Pixdaus who NEVER upvote his pics with 20 (or 40!) votes!! your pics, and your many aliases (like Sistah Barista, tuskegee, cavradossi, etc.) they ALL get a sudden 20 vote push AGAIN (see this one!) but it wasn't you! they were ALL upvoted by dozens of users because these pics are SO GORGEOUS! LOL! you are the greatest troll and the greatest liar ever! visit Pixdaus: a place where ONLY patito's votes matters!