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Posted By:for patito

Old Comments:

2010-11-04 10:17:24
This is offensive and disrespectful to this person and her family. There is no artistic value in this photograph. Remove this immediately.
2010-11-01 20:56:38
Oh nice u can remove my last post... and no one can remove this s**t? very good! If this pict stay one day more i quit from Pixadus, and my friend do the same. Admin u have the responsability of eliminate this pict. i remember you many kids come here!
2010-11-01 12:43:09
I know there are people who have the power to delete this crap...why are you leaving it here? you can save the URL or whatever and give it to pixdaus still get it off here!
2010-11-01 08:22:02
Yes, it is obscene, and if you'll look more carefully you'll see that it was not posted by 'this jerk' Patito, but by some troll who intended it as a threat directed toward Patito. You might want to get your facts straight next time before making a comment
2010-11-01 07:49:05
If it is not, or even if it is, photoshopped, this photo is obscene. Who is this jerk patito?