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Old Comments:

2008-10-13 21:08:46
Just went through lots of pics of Ike's handiwork; the destruction is staggering! We knew that Ike must be the reason for your 'disapperance' and just hoped that you and your wife were OK. Possessions one can replace, but not people. Cannot even begin to imagine what it must have been like to be at the centre of it all...our little Troll Wars are less than a gnatbite compared with what you have been through. Once again: Welcome back!
2008-10-13 20:39:38
Howdy ..good to be here is slowly creeping back toward something resembling normal..Ike did in fact do some serious butt-kicking around these parts..good bit of wind damage, but worst damage by far caused by the surge..Ike's being called a Cat 2 with a Cat 4 surge.. we were relatively fortunate..lots of folks lost everything including's a hell of a mess and beyond my capacity to describe..there are plenty of sites with photos for those who are interested..goggle Galveston photos or Boliver photos
2008-10-13 17:19:41
welcome back! great to see that you're alive & that ike didn't treat you like he used to do tina (sometimes we do it rough!)...
2008-10-13 03:27:53
PATITO! You're back! We missed you! What happened to you? Did the storm wipe your house out, you got your feet wet, followed by pneumonia and then...?
2008-10-12 23:43:48
Propsed Caption....Rider: "That shore is one hell of a purty sunset over yonder, ain't it, Ol' Bill?" Ol' Bill: "Snort !"
2008-10-12 17:41:32
...yes, unfortunately, it would appear so. It's easier to think of captions with the funny pictures, but what can one say about the above picture, for example, that would be humorous or interesting? Your quick wit can, I'm sure, come up with something, but I don't have your talent.. it is not something one can learn...
2008-10-12 17:31:31
if pixdaus is any indication, writing captions is a dying art. ;o)
2008-10-12 07:30:52
LOL! Yes, I noticed that the sun rose in the west of your country as well as in the east. As to the captions, I obviously have to hire the services of a professional caption writer; are there such people? ;-)
2008-10-12 06:37:28
if you live in the west, you will be relieved to know that there the sun also rises... and at the north pole, the sun sets in the south.
2008-10-11 18:01:41
Am I understanding you correctly if I say that you are suggesting that I should have added a caption “Sunset in the west” because it would be preferable to “by whomever”? The last I checked, the sun does always set in the west, and if you are by any chance referring to the West as e.g. in the American West, I would be more inclined lean toward the East since the photographer is Polish. // For me, the most important factor always is to display the name of the photographer, and giving credit to the artist is hardly negligible. If I find (or understand) additional information at source, I give that information. Writing “tiger profile” under a picture of a tiger profile seems to me to be superfluous since we can all see that it is a tiger profile. ;-) Posters are not ‘in business’ for the writing of entertaining captions (although it is wonderful if it happens, of course), we are ‘in business’ to post pictures that we hope you like.
2008-10-11 11:57:25
Sunset in the west is subject to the negligible "by xyz" title.