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Old Comments:

2009-04-24 16:15:11
Thank you for your support, Libellule and Zafar1. Yes, it is a beautiful picture. But I have been on Pixdaus for long enough to know that when a picture is rising too fast in the votes it can only mean cheater votes. Some of my pics had already 14-16 votes when this one only had 3. Then, in minutes, it shot up to 50. Pixdaus told me that it (when the pic had 50 votes) had been given 19 x +3 votes. Which would make 57 votes in all, but obviously there were some downvotes also. Only premium members have the voting power of 3. It is not feasible that 19 premium members were present for those few minutes and decided to vote for my picture. The trend for quite a few posters is to downvote my pics, anyway, so that makes the 19 +3 votes even more unbelievable. The day before, logan5's picture experienced a similar quick rise in votes, twice, and then this picture was targeted. By whom? There is one poster, at least, who seems to have a limitless arsenal of cheater votes at his/her disposal and could well be the culprit but, in truth, I have no idea who is behind this. Certainly, this picture later got many 'genuine' votes also, but the majority of the votes first arrived by foul means.
2009-04-24 03:23:00
yes its so beautifull pic,i agree with libellule
2009-04-24 02:02:47
why are you amazed of so many positive votes ? Yes, I agree with you : it is not a "good" picture. It is - nevertheless - an exceptional one : to be there, at the right moment, to catch a couple, in the fog, with the sun - or the moon - behind the trees. And over all, it is a terribly romantic one. One of those people can "love". Like this couple, to be free, out of towns, out of work-job, out of all worries, just running in the country, in the forest, in the Nature. With, in front of them, the night. A good night ! A free night ... :-) TOGETHER.
2009-04-23 15:52:45
Now somebody is playing silly buggers with this picture! There's NO WAY this pic could have this many votes in such a short time! STOP IT, whoever you are!