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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2009-08-11 04:03:29
Sir Winston Churchill once said "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
2009-08-11 03:31:46
This use to be fun house , now it's full of evil clowns. -Pink- over&out 4 today
2009-08-11 03:17:19, you don't. WR is most probably one of my previous trolls, just changing tactics. I am the target, not anyone else.
2009-08-11 03:04:56
Normal people are not behaving like last addict only on the basis of a few pictures and comments. Now I probably have a enemy here in White River.
2009-08-11 02:55:38
Don't be diplomatic, spell it out. I'm not too bright at riddles.
2009-08-11 02:20:10
I'm trying to be diplomatic. Please give me a break. You know what I mean to say.
2009-08-11 02:11:54
I still don't get you. Someone=White River cannot see me, he can only see my pics. ;-)
2009-08-11 02:02:45
someone=White River. Now try to read comment.
2009-08-11 01:39:52
I don't understand your comment. ;-( I mean, of course I understand the words, but fail to get the meaning...
2009-08-10 21:19:13
I didn't know that someone could become addicted only by looking at poppy. :(
2009-08-10 20:12:13
Odd how my pics are always voted down by threes. Thanks, fellow poster(s)!