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Old Comments:

2011-02-14 12:05:22
maybe its real its a very bad photoshop picture
2011-02-14 11:59:07
it is indeed a very bad photoshop man
2011-02-14 11:28:45
No this is real. I saw the story on tv. This was taken by a tourist on St Kitts just before the ship ran aground. It was not windy and the ship was not going fast and the waves were not strong so no one got hurt and they towed the ship off the next high tide. It was the Jamaican Navy training ship the Don't Worry Be Happy and the crew was said to have been very relaxed that day.
2011-02-14 10:30:53
very bad shopped picture.
2011-02-14 00:34:02
Very good as a picture, but, as the subject, there is something I cannot understand: a sailboat at full sails in so shallow wathers, and, besides that, shore bounded ?
2011-02-13 03:17:43
Este barco es en aqua poco profunda y mierda muy profunda.