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Old Comments:

2010-03-30 05:30:41
I feel the same way ;-) That photo will definitely be sent to my niece. It has so much - it's well photographed, funny, adorable, tells a little story, with a mama's concern for her chick wandering away.
2010-03-30 04:54:30
Glad you liked it Connie :-) And hey, dont worry about posting before Iīm finished, there are no rules like that, I really donīt mind it! ;-) I appreciate your concern though, sweet of you ...
2010-03-30 04:33:55
I had not yet finished when the page jerked and I was flung out of 'Comments'. I meant to say, I did not anticipate that A_Hamshari would start posting again ;-)
2010-03-30 04:07:04
This photo is priceless! The photographer did a great job, and the subjects is funny and adorable. Sorry for starting to post when you had not finished. I thought you had because I waited a while and nothing happened. I did not anticipate
2010-03-30 03:32:21
I meant 'The fugitive - by Werner Dreblow @ fotocommunity'