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Posted By:Nifty

Old Comments:

2011-09-24 14:52:03
You are very welcome, Nifty. Glad you are having a good weekend. I used to work in plant nurseries and did a course in horticulture back in 2001. I am ok (considering) many thanks for asking. Please take care, Nifty... :)
2011-09-24 14:04:43
Thanks for your kind comment PictureGirl, you certainly know your plants,(I know nothing about them) I just photograph what I think looks nice. I am having a good weekend and I hope all is well with you also.
2011-09-24 12:30:49
Hi Nifty, Hope your weekend is going along well. I love the 2 photos you have posted here today on Pixdaus. This plant here is called Nandina domestica It is the dwarf or nana variety. The other plant with the white flowers is Lobularia maritima or Sweet alice. Both beautiful plants. Take care, Nifty... :)