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Old Comments:

2010-07-24 02:38:19
Yes, it is a sad situation if it is "too much". But, look at the Ademir's young women, most of them are "just enough": not "Renoir" - but, for me -, some Renoir's very young girls in their bathroom are not appetizing. So fat at 16-20, how they will be when they are 50, 60 and more ... For exemple : and not "skinny". Just enough.
2010-07-24 02:28:55
I'm with you on this one, Little Duck. That gal should be eating a cheeseburger with fries instead of sipping coffee !
2010-07-24 01:53:22
Comments downvoted by guys who like girls who look like adolescent boys. Hmmmm... : )
2010-07-23 23:33:14
I think normal physical attraction and erotic appeal both have a lot to do with the appearance of physical health. Women who are as emaciated as this one simply don't look healthy..they look like the photos we see of people who've been incarcerated in concentration camps. It's interesting to go look at art for examples of what has been considered the feminine 'ideal' in the past. From the Venus of Villendorf , through Classical times, and up until the early 20th century the ideal woman had some meat on her bones. You can bet Paul Renoir would never have wanted to paint a scrawny woman. He knew what a full-grown female was supposed to look like! Then at some point the ideal became based on what fashion models look like. Fashion models, remember, are supposed to have bodies that don't detract attention from the clothes they wear. They are essentialy walking coathangers. That ideal of feminine beauty was foisted off on the women of the world by the men who design women's clothes, and we all know about the sexual preferences of most of those fellows. So now we have women young and old all over the world starving themselves because they think skinny equals beautiful and attractive. Kind of a sad situation, don't you think ?
2010-07-23 23:09:10
To your point of view, aren't they ? :)
2010-07-23 22:40:12
The old lady is thinking "That girl's legs are way too skinny!"