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Old Comments:

2008-11-22 23:43:28
No, artemis does not increase the votes in GROUPS of nine. I have calculated that she has about that number of cheating votes at her disposal, and sometimes she uses most of them very quickly (e.g. to get her own pics past the +5 mark), and sometimes she spreads them out slowly throughout the day (e.g. when keeping my pics below the +5 mark), but it means that she can vote for each picture nine times. And no, she does not have to have 9 computers! One will do just fine: I know - in principle - how the cheating is done but I am not going to elaborate on it. Artemis may have MORE than nine votes to play with, because sometimes the rise of some of her pictures (during a quiet time of day) is so dramatic that mere 9 self-votes cannot explain it. The bottom line is: ARTEMIS CHEATS!
2008-11-22 21:39:11
Does Artemis increase in groups of 9? What is this magic number 9? The negative nine have killed a lot of pics. Is that all Artemis? Does Artemis have 9 computers?
2008-11-22 18:24:27
At the turn of the Pixdaus day, when I was just about to upload some pics, a set of 6 pics (this is one of them) by artemis appeared. As they came out of 'the gate', they already had 1-2 votes. In minutes, they all had 5-9 votes. I minused (sorry about that) all of them, just to see what would happen, so then they stood at 4-8. Almost instantly, they were back to 5-9 votes. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO VOTING ACTIVITY ON ANY OTHER PICTURES! NONE! Which there would have been, had there been other voters around. But there was no action whatsoever, which means that artemis has at least 9 extra votes at her disposal in addition to the one legitimate vote. Needless to say, I changed my mind about posting my pics at that time (not that it matters, artemis will 'take care of them' later in any case).
2008-11-22 09:52:26
That's a false thinking 'Voter'! Pics won't get better only because Artemis upload them! Vote for a pic and not for the uploader! And this pic won't voted down because Artemis make sure this pic will get its votes!!!