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Old Comments:

2008-07-17 23:19:35
yes, this one's the best of them. That's why I posted my first comment under it. Has got a big chance it stays there. But that was my point - why to post all of them and not just the best one? Don't tell me that peachfizzy liked them all so much. I'd like to see funny, interesting and strong pics here. Could indeed be a landscape sometimes. Of course it's impossible for the uploader to please everyone. But a rule on pixdaus should be "less is sometimes more", I think.
2008-07-17 23:03:27
actually one can just pass this pic without all the agravation. I mean, all these landscape are nice but thet don't inspire that much for some reason. They don't "take me there", if I can say that...
2008-07-17 20:48:05
What is it that YOU want to see? We need to know so we can tailor the whole of Pixdaus to your specifications.
2008-07-17 16:44:17
yes peachfizzy, another bloody boring landscape picture. Thank you for the other 20 too. That's what pixdaus needs.
2008-07-17 15:33:17