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Old Comments:

2009-06-14 20:36:23
That's cool! I'm a bit of a flower buff myself, I love to collect beautiful pictures of flowers. I've saved quite a bunch so far. Thank goodness for these huge hard drives they make now. ;-)
2009-06-14 17:21:24
Thank you, Kevin! - The flower is a white campion (Silene latifolia). I had previously thought that white campions are mutant red campions (Silene dioica) but I was wrong. People often confuse the white campion with bladder campion (Silene vulgaris), but they are quite different. - I am a bit of a flower nut, as you might have gathered by now. ;-)
2009-06-14 11:56:47
Great pic! I like the warm atmosphere and dreamy look to it. ;-)