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Old Comments:

2008-10-05 07:56:49
I have three poems that have been published , and have written many others . The mood has to be right .
2008-10-03 17:32:55
Thank you, Lilly! A new poetess is born...
2008-10-03 14:02:05
(((Poppy))) This poem I write for you ~~~ You are so ever a poet true . You see the beauty within your soul, Of the young and of the old ~ To see all sides that unfold ~~ To you I say ~ Your made of gold !((( Lilly )))
2008-10-03 09:35:19
I recognize another poem lover! There are not many of us left in the world, or – least – one does not bump into them too often. ;-)
2008-10-03 09:17:32
Lovely choice of poem
2008-10-03 08:50:48
“In the perfect still of the afternoon, / I will find you hidden among the grasses, / Dozing in the warmth of the sun, / Calling me with a voice that only I hear. / You are the dragonfly that hovers / Over my every waking moment, / Touching my dreams with gossamer wings / And sighing of long forgotten songs.” --- from “Summer Pond” by Janine Campbell
2008-10-03 08:11:54
Awesome lilly!!
2008-10-03 07:57:37
What a beauty!