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Old Comments:

2011-01-25 09:38:52
you're in bad faith and you know it
2011-01-25 06:55:12
i have a life but it is very sad one. i never go out in public, have no friends, live in mothers basement and spend entire waking life on internet. all because of physical deformity. i am hermaphrodite dwarf, have only one eye in middle of forhead, and have rare digestive disorder so can only eat raw fish, so have very bad breath. also, am covered with thick dark curly hair all over body. being internet troll my only source of pleasure so please try to find it in heart to be kind to me.
2011-01-25 06:26:32
He should search through 37 pages of frog photos? You should get a life, TM.
2011-01-25 05:39:33
most you post are duplicates, you should have searched under frog.
2011-01-24 21:02:35
you're right, I did a search with the author's name in pixdaus and the result was nothing (it appears only as tag...) sorry btw only one duplicate on 30 pics :)
2011-01-24 13:00:48
Posted before by Happy Jack