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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2009-03-08 10:51:25
I believe that this picture is of european bison and not bison bison off old west fame.
2009-03-08 03:24:32
Aw shucks... now I have to learn Spanish.
2009-03-08 02:48:29
A cautionary note before you spend 25 bucks plus postage, Ms P..the story in English translation is only few pages..most of the book consists of photo-reproduction of the original Spanish manuscript, hand-written in elaborate 16th century cursive.....probably not worth the money unless you are keenly interested in the Spanish settlement of North America..
2009-03-07 22:50:57
Zaldivar and the cattle of Cibola: Vicente de Zaldivar's report of his expedition to the buffalo plains in 1598. I found it on the internet; that must be it. Thanks! One more book to get in readiness for my 'rocking chair' years when I can no longer venture out of my igloo... ;-)
2009-03-07 22:34:42
If you'd like to read something amusing see if you can find a translation of Vincente de Zaldivar's account of his expedition in the year 1598 out onto the plains of Eastern New Mexico and West Texas and their attempt to round up and capture some buffaloes. They built a huge corral out of big cottonwood logs, with long wings spread out on each side....they figured they could easily capture about ten thousand buffalo. So they rode out onto the prairie and started trying to drive the critters into their pen. The Spaniards had seriously misunderstood the essential character of the animals they intended to round up...after several days and three horses killed and forty injured and not one single buffalo in the pen they gave up. The account is called 'Zaldivar and the Cattle of Cibola.'