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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2009-08-08 13:03:29
I missed you old fella! I thought perhaps the Mother Ship had grabbed you! I mean, I've been scanning the Weekly World News and listening to AM Coast to Coast looking for clues to your whereabouts.
2009-08-07 00:30:57
Am inclined to agree...appreciate you taking up the slack in my my remarks re your explanation of the bionic hand.
2009-08-06 14:23:33
This is a fine looking image, but the perspective with the waves is all wrong. Whoever put the ship into the photo put it in the midst of the wrong waves. Plus, that ship flies no flag of any kind, which tells me the ship was photographed in a laid-up condition, or someone removed the flag from the image original. No ship goes underway in that condition, especially a full-rigged sail-training ship, which this appears to be.