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Old Comments:

2008-11-03 01:39:39
If your picture disappeared when it had only -3 votes, then it must have been flagged inappropriate enough times. That's the quickest way to get rid of a picture, especially as the cheaters can give multiple votes. Keep reposting it so that more people will become aware of the problem. // What I wonder about is how the cheaters can enjoy having the best picture of the day when they know that they have STOLEN that honour by cheating. Despicable people!
2008-11-03 01:09:47
Hey poppy! You are seeing it right! Now others start cheating as well! :-( My pic was taken from EVERY section here on Pixdaus!! Even when it get only -3 for example it was taken from the "Newly added"-section. (The curious thing was: after it disappeared from the section it become 10 negative votes in a few minutes!! Greetings to artemis!!!) When you like to comment on it (feel free to do so!), it will NOT appear in the "Recently commented"-section!! You can only see it on my profile. That's why I always post the link! ;-) But when I read some comments here (or under some artemis pics) there are more people like us!!! So, let's speak it out loud wherever we can!
2008-11-02 18:41:38
To poppy: The link of my pic, yes, but it was not commented by me! Go ahead, dude! Your pics are cool! But look to the link if you like! ;-)