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2010-06-18 11:24:55
Just looked closely at pictures of that reserve and saw that it is a very big area. I guess it would have to be for all of the wild animals there. I'm not too sure how it is run and handled, whether people go into there and watch over the animals. So I might be wrong about the keepers being there. Still, I would like to see the actual photo that you saw mrwho of the cheetah and impala...:(
2010-06-18 11:17:15
I've just looked at the pictures of that gallery and I couldn't see the picture you say shows that the cheetahs ate the antelope/impala. Do you have the link to that particular image, instead of just the website ? Anyway, where they are is in a game reserve called, Masai Mara National Reserve. I doubt that the keepers would allow the animals to mix together if there was any danger, particularly if the cheetahs are hungry. That's my view on it anyway...
2010-06-18 10:22:33
They did eat it, sorry to say but comments AND a look into - Michel & Christine Denis-Huot gallery shows that the photo of the impala running away is NOT from Denis-Huot. Last picture in the Denis-Huot gallery...Cheetahs with red mouths + impala carcass.
2010-06-15 12:42:13
PictureGirl is right. Most people know the story by now since this has been posted on the web over 240 times the past couple of years.
2010-06-15 10:14:24
They didn't eat the antelope. They let it walk away. The article here says that they were not hungry at the time....
2010-06-15 09:54:58
They left out the last picture of them eating it.
2010-06-15 03:42:06
Awesome! Definitely being sent to my niece.