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Old Comments:

2009-05-28 13:21:28
Oh? How dumb I have been, all this time telling him to take a flying leap off a high cliff. - Come back, come back!
2009-05-28 12:48:56
He or she is really in love with you poppy. Believe me, I know about these things.
2009-05-28 11:43:10
I think George is looking down on this and having a great chuckle, at the end of the day (my latest phrase, i like it ) it's only a CD and as Whobeatle said "How can George be held responsible he died for cryin out loud!" and another good'un "It doesn't diminish George Harrison, it just gives some of us a chance to say what a lousy package Let It Roll is" which sums it up nicley, and i mean, atleast finding the flaws in this package is keeping us from boredom i suppose, and plus we may be pleasntly surprised with the outcome, i have a friend who i introduced to George a while back (he brought A.T.M.P, and i played Any Road on uke....well, atleast the first part is a good intro, he did hear the propper Any Road, and he liked it, so, all is well), i think this would be a pretty decent package for him, i would have liked to have seen a couple of tracks that wer'nt there, but, they were omitted, and there is nothing that can be done for that, just enjoy what is there, and dont let what you want to be on there taint the experience too much, i mean, it's still George, it's not like the have said "well, i think, we should do a mash up of My Sweet Lord, and He's So Fine, then, the Chiffons will sell a few more units too, we'll ship is as "He's My Fine Sweet Lord"" hmm, my headache has gotten worse after saying that, which probably means, i should lay that one to rest, if ever there was a sign i think that would be it or, it could be the extreme amounts of Blondie, Sparks and The Beach Boys i am pumping through my headphones recently at a rather loud volume, which seems much more likley, anyway, i cant remember my original point, but, i'm sure George would have found (and maybe is) this rather funny, it's just not something to get worked up about. I personally want to know, when will there be a Stig O'Hara compilation (actually, now, i want Rutles Rockband..i can only wish), anyway, i am proof, that the youth of today have absolutly no attention span whatsoever, but, hey, as someone somewhere said sometime wotchagonnado (ok, i'm brittish, but whatareyouintendingtodooldchap dose'nt seem the same)