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Posted By:avva

Old Comments:

2009-05-20 05:52:05
Can you explain me - in front of my question - why you disagree ? There is none problem for you how to vote in front of "repostes" ? Above all, when they are repostes of very good pictures.
2009-05-19 15:12:34
About repost - from yesterday, one month, or later - : vote up - vote down - or no vote ? It is a true/real moral problem.
2009-05-19 13:42:06
I miss him,sorry.Thanks for the vote:)
2009-05-19 13:37:11
Sorry avva, but jchip8 beat ya to it. It was in yesterday's top five. I gave ya some votes anyway. I didn't vote for his because he don't need any. ;)