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Old Comments:

2009-06-10 06:58:01
Thanks Poppy. I am in awe of people with such talent. I find it amazing how he can start with a hunk of hot glass and turn it into such artistic (kewlistic) works!
2009-06-08 19:35:53
Thanks, Kevin, they're lovely. In exchange, see master glassblower Pino Signoretto in action on youtube; there are several videos. He listens to the Beatles while he works!
2009-06-08 19:09:28
I've seen it being done on TV and thought it would be fun to try someday! They make so many kewl creations with it. I have some neat glass creations made by Murano glass in Italy. Here's a link just in case you might want to take a look. ;-)
2009-06-08 17:02:45
Thanks, Kevin! I've observed some glassblowers at work, and I aim to try it one day...
2009-06-07 19:45:08
Kewl pic!