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Old Comments:

2008-08-22 01:51:50
It's just a sad fact of modern life that so many people are not only separated and insulated from wild nature, but actually fearful of it. Anyone who has not ever gone off alone into the mountains or the woods or the desert or onto the sea and spent some time by themselves there is not a fully complete human being. Those who have done so will understand what I'm talking about.
2008-08-22 00:07:50
ah poppy, you know me too well! ;)
2008-08-22 00:00:45
...and don't leave the coffee pot on!
2008-08-21 23:57:57
Well, you may not be aware, but Nature (countryside, animals, plants, trees, flowers, rivers, oceans, forests...) on Pixdaus is not REAL. It's pretty close to it and fools many, but once you find your way out (and THAT is not easy, believe me!) then you'll see that there's a far better world outside Pixdaus. It even has REAL PEOPLE in it! Can you imagine? Once you find your car keys, I'll give you the map to get out...
2008-08-21 23:48:48
what, you were outdoors in a natural environment, like, in nature? who does that?!
2008-08-21 10:25:18
Thanks, Lilly! Spent ten days trying to outsmart fish, talking to moose, beavers and foxes, and picking berries and chanterelles. I feel 'renewed', ready for battle. ;-)
2008-08-21 09:42:49
Great to see you back!